WHAT’S THE TEA: Lavender Dreams Milk Tea

Who loves milk tea? *hand raises*

Fabulous! So the other morning I was having my tea time as usual and I had this craving for milk tea. Now, I’m not sure about every other state but California has THE BEST milk tea parlors that I’ve been to. When I’m out on the weekends or even after long days that I’m too lazy to make a cup of tea, I always have to stop by Honeysuckle or Hiccups Tea House.

Both of which are in Long Beach, CA if you ever decided to stop by. Now back to other morning yeah? Okay – so I’ve never had warm milk tea. It’s either blended or iced, but trying something new has never hurt anyone, right? This recipe is simple. I decided to make this a warm milk tea. Now, I say warm because the almond milk cooled it down, ha.

All you need to make this floral cup of tea are 3 simple ingredients; four ingredients if you add a sweetener. Black Lavender Dreams tea blend is already sweet enough; naturally at that. I love tea that’s handcrafted that way. No sugar or honey required. It’s crafted with black tea, lavender, orange peel, bergamot & vanilla flavoring. It’s smells divine and tastes the way it smells, ha.


  • 1 tablespoon of Lavender Dreams Tea or one tea bag per serving
  • 1 cup of milk (almond milk was my choice)
  • 8 oz of water
  • your choice of sweetener


First, you’ll need to boil your water, then steep your tea for about 4 minutes. As soon as you finish steeping your tea, next you’ll add the milk. Depending on the size of your cup you can cut the milk measurement in half. Stir in your sweetener and sip away!

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