How Not To Be A Hater

Hello Love,
I’ve decided to come to you today to bring you some tips on how to calm your inner hippie while not being a hater. You see, we’re all human right? Some of us tend to get caught up in comparing ourselves to other people, their status, their social media presence or whatever they have that seems to be making them happy. But we all know better than to compare our lives to someone else’s. Who knows what’s really going on behind closed doors. I mean we all have something that somebody else wants – so try not to stress over where you’re at in life. Especially if you’re already someone that’s working on their goals. So a few things to remember if you ever start to feel negative or jealous towards someone.

1. Get a life of your own, one that you’re proud of. Then you won’t even have time to be checking for the people you hate on. The more you focus on hating instead of building, creating or just enjoying the moment you decided to make is every minute you waste. Don’t waste your energy or time on people who probably don’t even know who you are.  Anytime I get caught up in my emotions  over situations that I have no control over I take a nap or I put on some Big Sean to get focused again or Jhene Aiko. Is it just me or  do you LOVE her Trip album?
2. Mind your business. The grass is not always greener on the other side if you keep up your own yard. I’m going to be honest here. When first hearing that quote I would think to myself… how do we know if that person’s grass isn’t greener? How can I know that I’m not comparing my life to someone’s with a perfect life? Because to me the beauty and perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Well that’s the thing.. you will never know exactly what happens in that person’s life everyday or what they’re putting themselves through to seem perfect. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by other’s actions or lifestyle. Allow it to fuel you – but don’t let it consume you. Focus on accomplishing your goals daily, having fun or like I said… napping. Sleeping is known to restart your mind and helps you put things into perspective once you’ve given your mind a rest.
3. Stay in your lane. Keep your vibes high by focusing on some quality family time, projects or hobbies. What do you have planned for this year? Any trips you can put together or a new painting you’ve meant to start? Seriously, the skies the limit and only YOU can put yourself in a better space to by wanting to change your perspective. Don’t allow hate to fuel you. Turn that jealousy into your power.

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